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Hydrogen peroxide cleaning applications

Hydrogen peroxide is increasingly used in household cleaning as a green replacement for chlorine based products.

It is commonly used for:

  • bleaching organic stains
  • removing laundry grayness
  • delivering antimicrobial benefits


Hydrogen peroxide is also used in laundry prespot, auxiliary bleach, hard surface formulations, dishwashing, liquid detergents, institutional and industrial cleaning, and in the production of solid peroxygens (i.e., sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate) used in powdered laundry detergents.

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With the change in washing conditions (i.e., energy dependent drive to colder wash temperatures), sodium percarbonate had been found to be the product of choice for lower wash temperatures.


Formulating with hydrogen peroxide in cleaning products requires an understanding of stability and compatibility with other ingredients (i.e., surfactants, dyes, other additives and formulation pH).


Arkema offers a family of peroxygens (e.g., mild to aggressive oxidants) and a range of specialty products (e.g., alkaline stable, gel, antimicrobial and their proprietary products). Arkema also offers power peroxygen products. Arkema’s experienced technical staff can offer specific formulation knowledge and performance testing capabilities.